Worcester Police Charge Client With Assault and Battery. Jury Finds Not Guilty.

Worcester criminal defense attorney Michael Franklin represented a man for a jury trial at Worcester District Court. He was charged with Assault & Battery stemming from an incident on January 3, 2016. My client and another man got into an argument while they were residents of a boarding house. The men admittedly didn’t get along…

Worcester District Court Jury Verdict

In a recent case at Worcester District Court, I represented a Hispanic man who was charged with 2 counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, a  civil rights violation, resisting arrest as well as Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing the Peace. He was in his parked car  outside of his children’s residence in a Worcester neighborhood. A police officer was dispatched there as a result of a report of a Hispanic man operating a vehicle that was blasting music, operating erratically and it hit a pole or another car. The officer who was black approached my client’s vehicle because it seemed to match the description of the reported vehicle. My client’s vehicle had no damage or signs of damage. The officer asked my client what he was doing and received no response. He requested if my client had his license. My client said yes. My client provided the license. The officer requested my client’s registration. My client didn’t respond. The officer requested my client step from the vehicle because he feared my client could have a weapon and he wanted to check.

Wife awarded sole physical custody of child and child support

Worcester Probate and Family Court
Divorce Lawyer Michael Franklin

Attorney Franklin represented the wife in a 6 year marriage.  This was wife’s second marriage and husband’s first.  Wife brought one child into the household from her first marriage and the parties had one child together.

Husband owned the marital home prior to the marriage.  The equity in the marital home was approximately $41,000.00.  Wife argued she contributed to mortgage payments and major house renovations during the marriage.

Wife agreed to give the husband joint physical and legal custody of the parties’ 5 year old child at a hearing for Temporary Orders in the initial phase of the proceedings.  She also agreed to move out of the marital residence.  Wife also agreed that husband would not be required to pay her child support.  She was not represented by an attorney at the time.  Husband was represented by an attorney.  Wife did not understand the ramifications of the agreement and hired Attorney Franklin soon afterward.

Husband retains marital home and retirement assets

Worcester Probate and Family Court
Divorce Attorney Michael Franklin

Case Summary: Attorney Franklin represented husband in a 10 year marriage.  It was husband’s first marriage and wife’s second.  Wife brought two children into the household from the first marriage.  No children were born from the marriage.

Wife earned an average of approximately $121,000.00 per year.  Husband earned and average of approximately $149,000.00 per year.  Wife’s earnings dropped to $70,000.00 annually in the last two years of the marriage due to poor economic conditions and wife’s mental health.  Husband owned the marital home in Worcester County prior to the marriage.  The equity in the marital home was approximately $155,000.00.  In addition, the parties jointly purchased real estate in New York.  Equity in this real estate was approximately $207,000.00.