Proven OUI/DUI Defense Attorney

Michael Franklin is an aggressive and successful drunk driving defense attorney in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Operating Under the Influence (OUI), often referred to as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a criminal charge that can have long lasting affects on your life. Avoiding a conviction of an OUI/DUI charge is a serious matter and requires the experience of a skillful defense attorney.

First Time Offenders

If you have been charged with OUI/DUI and this is your first offense, it is best to consult with an attorney who concentrates in drunk driving defense. Experience in the court room as a defense attorney cross examining the police and suppressing the evidence submitted to the court is a critical component to a finding of not guilty or a continuance without a finding (CWOF).

Multiple OUI/DUI Offenses

There is little doubt that your life will change when you have received multiple convictions of OUI. Massachusetts OUI laws are strict and severe including penalties of serious jail time. Attorney Franklin’s reputation and rapport with prosecutors as well as judges has resulted in non-convictions and the dismissal of criminal charges against his clients. He has tried many cases resulting in verdicts of Not Guilty.

Call for an OUI/DUI Case Evaluation

Attorney Franklin offers OUI clients a free 15 minute in office or phone case evaluation with no obligation to hire. At the very least, when you have found yourself  charged with an OUI/DUI in the Worcester area, you should call Attorney Michael Franklin to better understand your rights and your options. Call now to speak with Attorney Franklin.