Family and Divorce Mediation

Attorney Franklin is a certified divorce mediator in Worcester. Divorce Mediation is the process by which two parties going through a divorce or divorce-related matter choose to hire an objective mediator to help them resolve all of the issues involved outside of court. Both parties must be committed to resolving such issues outside of the traditional divorce litigation process. Since Attorney Franklin is also an experienced divorce trial attorney, he is able to provide his clients with the additional perspective of how a court might resolve their matter.

Top Rated Divorce Mediator.

Attorney Franklin is a top rated divorce mediator and handles the following divorce related matters through effective mediation.

  • Division of Property
  • Child Support and Alimony
  • Visitation and Children Matters
  • Uncontested Divorce

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Attorney Michael Franklin is an experienced divorce mediator in Worcester. He assists couples seeking an uncontested divorce in finding amicable and cost effective solutions in the process of terminating their marriage while avoiding the time and expense of litigation.

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Attorney Franklin serves the Worcester County region including the cities and towns of Auburn, Boylston, Clinton, Charlton, Holden, Leominster, Leicester, Paxton, Shrewsbury, Sturbridge, Westborough, Northborough, Webster, Dudley, and Oxford, Massachusetts.