Worcester District Court

The client was charged with Aggravated Assault and Battery. The victim claimed that my client punched him in the jaw in a restroom of a local Worcester sports bar. He sustained a concussion and a broken jaw and could not eat solid food for 6 months. Medical records were admitted into evidence. The victim positively identified the client as the one who punched him. On cross examination, the victim admitted to coming into the bar with at least 5 friends but the friends were not at trial to support his version of events. Further, the victim admitted to walking home that evening and did not seek medical help until 11:00am the following morning over 12 hours later. Witnesses for the client did not see the client and the victim go to the restroom together at any time during the evening. The victim admitted that he hired an attorney to handle a potential civil case against the bar for his injuries. The jury deliberated for approximately 1 hour.

Result:  Client found Not Guilty after a Jury Trial on March 20, 2012 In Worcester District Court.