Posted by Michael Franklin
Represented the husband in a divorce. The marriage was 6 years in length and was the second marriage for both parties. There were no children born from the marriage. However, wife had two college age sons from a previous marriage. The husband paid for the college tuition for his stepsons because their father did not. Wife earned approximately $25,000.00 annually and husband earned approximately $150,000.000 per year. The husband owned the parties home prior to the marriage and brought approximately 1.3 Million Dollars worth of assets into the marriage. Husband recently purchased wife a new car worth approximately $17,000.00. The wife sought alimony, ½ of the assets and counsel fees from husband.

Results: Husband was not required to pay wife alimony nor her counsel fees but was required to pay wife $100,000.00 over 3 years as her share of the marital assets. Wife was permitted to keep the automobile she was driving. Husband kept all the remaining assets. He was not required to continue to pay for college for wife’s children from a previous marriage.