Posted by Michael Franklin
Client was a 19 year old college student home on a school break. He was found by the local police department in his parents’ pick up truck with 2 friends. The truck was parked in a neighborhood cul de sac at approximately 9:00pm in the evening. When the police requested the client’s license and registration they were overwhelmed with the odor of marijuana. A search of the vehicle revealed a bong; a half empty can of beer and a nearly empty bottle of liquor. The parents of the client and his friends were called to the scene to remove the vehicle and take the client and his friends’ home. The client was notified that criminal charges for minor in possession of alcohol could issue and A show cause hearing or a clerk’s hearing was scheduled at the local district court to determine whether criminal charges would be issued.

Criminal charges were not issued and the matter ended without further proceedings at the Show Cause Hearing in District Court.