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I have been married for two years and ready for divorce. We got married because I was pregnant with his child. We rent an apartment in Shrewsbury and I am a stay at home mom to our daughter.  He has money in savings, I do not.  With the new alimony law will I be entitled to anything?   I wouldn’t be able to stay at home to care for our daughter without his financial support.


First of all if you are the primary caretaker of your daughter, you would be entitled to child support according to the Mass. Guidelines. This would be approximately 1/3 of his gross income tax free. Most noncustodial parents don’t have the ability to pay alimony in addition to their child support obligation because generally 1/3 of their income goes to paying taxes and they must live on the remaining third. However, on occasion, a high income earner may be assessed alimony in addition to child support. In such cases with the new law you would not be entitled to alimony for a period longer than your marriage of 2 years. 

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