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I was at an outdoor event in Worcester, and my bad luck, I’m holding a beer in a plastic cup and a cop walks by.  He came over to ask me about it.  Then he asked me what was in my pocket and then patted me down and found a knife that he says is illegal.  So now I have to go to court for the knife and the beer. I’ve never gotten into trouble with the law. What’s the best possible outcome for me if I hire a criminal defense lawyer?


Counsel could file a Motion To Suppress to prevent the knife from coming into evidence and therefore, that charge, presumably carrying a dangerous weapon, could be dismissed. In regards to the beer, I’m not sure what you have been charged with. It could be a Minor under 21 in Possession of Alcohol. The beer was in plain sight even though it was in a plastic cup and the officer probably could smell it which gave him/her probable cause to charge you. This matter may be dismissed with court costs with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

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