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I’ve was dating this guy for several months and he has been very respectful of me and kind to me. Then I found out he sometimes sells cocaine to friends and friends of friends in small amounts. He had asked me a couple of times to drive him to downtown Worcester to meet up with “a friend” but I said “no”.  I broke up with him last week because his drug dealing seemed to be turning into a full time thing. Do I legally have to tell the police what I know?  I don’t really want to get him in trouble but I want to do the right thing and I don’t want to get in trouble down the road.


You have no privilege not to testify because you are not married to this man. If your ex-boyfriend has been charged and the Assistant District Attorney serves you with a summons to go to Court, you must go and testify if required. However, if your ex-boyfriend has not been charged you are not required to speak with the police or tell them anything if you choose not to. 

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