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My son just told me he was involved in a minor automobile accident in Northborough a few days ago.  He said the other driver was yelling at him and and threatening to beat him so he left.  He didn’t exchange info and he didn’t file a police report.  Then yesterday one of his car windows was broken and he suspects that the guy from the accident did it.  If that’s the case, then clearly the guy is unstable.  What can he do to protect himself?


Call the police in Northborough and report both incidents. The guy may be charged with malicious destruction of property if there is sufficient evidence that he broke the window.  The police could charge your son with leaving the scene of an accident if the other driver reported the accident and they don’t believe your son. A witness for your son could help to corroborate his story as to why he left the scene or at least that the guy broke the window. It sounds like he knows where your son is or at least where the car is parked. How would he find this information out? Did he follow your son? Did he get your son’s license plate? Did the guy report the accident to the police? If so, how soon after reporting the accident was your son’s window broken? 

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