“Attorney Michael Franklin represented me when I sought custody of my teenage daughter. Her mother had physical custody of her for fourteen years and was her primary caretaker for that time. I had never been married to her mother. I knew this fight was going to be an uphill battle.

I have dealt with several other attorneys through the years. However, Michael’s knowledge of the law and experience allowed him to navigate the legal system in a manner that was unmatched. He was up front with me from the beginning about what my chances were and about the time and effort that would be needed to see this through. He was a true professional every step of the way and completely committed to the case. He promptly returned every call I made to him and made himself available after hours and weekends. He took a genuine interest in the case and the well being of my daughter. 

My case went all the way to trial. Michael spent a great deal of time with me doing trial preparation. He knew the facts of my case as if he lived them. He made sure I was familiar and comfortable with the appropriate way to express myself while on the stand to ensure that my side of the story was properly told. Michael remained focused and on point throughout the two day trial. Michael actually forced my daughter’s mother to admit acting inappropriately towards my daughter and made her star witness appear foolish.

I am convinced that it was Michael’s hard work, dedication and meticulous attention to detail that won the day. I will always be grateful. I highly recommend Michael. He’s a true credit to his profession.” – James F., Jefferson, Massachusetts