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Additional Information: There were two incidents about 2 weeks apart. My boyfriend hit me so hard I got a black eye and fracture in my cheekbone.  Besides filing the reports with the police, how do I protect myself and my daughter?  We rent an apartment in Worcester and I’ve notified my daughter’s school he is no longer permitted to pick her up.


In addition to filing charges against your boyfriend for assault and battery, you should also go to either your local district court or probate & family Court to obtain an Abuse Protection Order against him under Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 209A. You will be asked to write an affidavit stating why you are in imminent fear of serious physical injury from him. You should have no problem obtaining such an order which will prevent him from contacting you and coming near you or risk criminal charges for violating the order. You can do this on the weekends if necessary by going to the local police department. There is a district court judge on call during the weekends for such situations. 

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