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Additional Information: My wife and I live in Greater Worcester area and I’ve recently been served a restraining order which does not permit me to have any contact with her.  Is it a violation of the order to discuss matters with the protected party if others are present, like attorneys?  Or can I get an approved meeting for peaceful contact?  There are many things I we need to discuss, involving the children, reconciliation, therapy and counseling.  Do I need an attorney to do this?


You will violate the Order if you meet with your wife (regardless of who is present) write her, call her, text her, Skype her or email her while the no contact provisions of the Abuse Prevention Order are in effect.  In fact, if any contact is made with her by third parties on your behalf this will also violate the Order. The only way you can speak with her without triggering a criminal violation is if the no contact provisions of the Abuse Prevention Order are either vacated or modified to allow you to do so. An attorney would certainly help you achieve this. 

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