In a recent Divorce Action at a Motion Hearing For Temporary Orders, I represented the husband. The wife sought child support for the parties two (2) children. In addition, wife sought the husband to pay all of one child’s tuition at Providence College for the remaining semester as well as alimony. The Husband was a salesman and his income was based on 100% commission. The wife was a registered nurse earning approximately $90,000.00 a year. The husband earned an average of $247,000.00 over the previous three (3) years. However, based on his most recent paystub, his weekly income was only about $1,800.00. Wife’s counsel sought to base his income on the previous year alone. Husband’s income over the course of the previous year was over $300,000.00. I argued that child support should be based on husband’s income over the previous three (3) years. The Court ruled after the hearing that no alimony was to be awarded to the wife, and that neither party was required to pay for the child’s college tuition. In addition, the Court agreed with my argument that child support should be based on the husband’s average income over the past 3 years.