“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Worcester, MA attorney Michael Franklin. I met with Michael in 2003 for a consultation on a divorce, and he seemed very professional. He cared about my needs and what would be best for my daughter. I explained my situation and he thought I had a very good chance of getting custody of my daughter, so we went forward. The case went on for two years due to different things going on with my ex-wife, but Michael guided me through it every step of the way. The result was impressive. It all came out in my favor. I got 100% sole physical custody of my daughter who was 7 yrs old at that time. I kept the house, and all of my vehicles. This result was undoubtedly all because of Michael Franklin’s professional knowledge of Massachusetts divorce law and his hard work. All I can say is I would highly recommend Attorney Michael Franklin. ( he is the best divorce lawyer in Worcester ) thanks again Michael.” – Paul, Massachusetts