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Our son, a freshman at a Worcester college, was recently arrested while carrying a small amount of cocaine. My wife and I are wondering if we should spend our money (which we can afford) to hire an attorney to defend him in this charge. Is it going to make any difference or will he end up with the same type of plea bargain? Thanks.


You should hire an attorney for your son.  If your son is convicted of the charge of Possession of Cocaine (a class C substance) it carries a jail sentence.   He may not actually receive a  jail sentence.  He could be placed on criminal probation.  Nevertheless, a criminal conviction could detrimentally effect his chances for obtaining employment in the future as employers may inquire about convictions and check if he has a criminal record.  A conviction would cause him to lose his license to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts for 1 year or more.  Clients with attorneys almost always come back with better results than if they represent themselves.

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