Attorney Michael Franklin was quoted in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette regarding the topic of couples waiting until the New Year to file for divorce. Following is an excerpt from this article:

By Craig S. Semon | Telegram & Gazette

When it comes to divorce filings in January, Worcester attorney Michael Mayer Franklin has witnessed the trend.

“If you happened to look up a statistic somewhere that says January happens to be the month where there’s the most divorce filings, it wouldn’t surprise me, because everybody’s gearing up, the holiday’s over, kids are going back to school,” Mr. Franklin said.

“January is a big time for people to file for divorce. It’s not unusual for people to make a New Year’s resolution and, on Jan. 2, file and get things going.”

Mr. Franklin insists that nobody wants to be alone (and, especially, divorced) around the holidays.

“If there are children involved, they (the parents) want to give them one last Christmas,” Mr. Franklin said. “Parents are afraid to let children know that they are actually going to take this step. So they figure they make one last attempt to try to make Christmas or the holidays as nice as they can, as stable as they can, one last time.”