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I am getting a divorce.  My wife and I bought a home together in Leicester and she wants to keep the house.  The only thing is I don’t think she can afford it, even with alimony.  She thinks the new alimony law in MA will help her maintain the same lifestyle as during our marriage.  How does the new law affect determination of alimony?


Alimony is still determined by need and the ability of the payor to pay it. The new law doesn’t change that. What it does change is the length of time one must pay alimony. Prior to the new law, once alimony was established, judges had little discretion to limit the amount of time it was required. If a marriage was for 10 years as an example, a payor would be ordered to pay alimony for life. Now, the new law gives judges guidelines and discretion as to the length of time alimony is to be paid. Thus, in the example of a 10 year marriage, alimony once established would be ordered for a set number of years that would be less than the length of the marriage. 

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